How HubSpot CRM Helps You Grow Pipeline and Increase Sales


HubSpot CRM is a powerful customer relationship management platform designed to help businesses organize, track, and grow sales pipeline. With features like contact management, email integration, meeting scheduling, reporting, and more, HubSpot gives sales and marketing teams the tools they need to attract leads, convert them to customers, and expand revenue.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key ways HubSpot CRM enables pipeline growth and increased sales. Let’s dive in.

Centralized Contact Database

HubSpot CRM provides businesses with a centralized database to store all contact and company information in one place. This makes it easy to:

Create and Manage ContactsImport contacts from any source like email or third party apps
Add custom contact properties to capture additional data
Update contact details from any device
Organize Contacts and CompaniesGroup contacts using deal stages, lifecycle stages, or custom properties
Structure companies with parent/child relationships
View org charts to understand internal hierarchies
Sync Contacts from Email and CalendarAutomatically add email contacts into database
Import calendar connections as new contacts
Stay synchronized so data is always up-to-date

Keeping contacts organized and accessible in a single database saves time and ensures teams have the most timely, actionable data on sales prospects.

Built-In Workflows

HubSpot empowers teams to take automated actions based on contact and deal activity using customizable workflows. Workflows help you:

Create Customized WorkflowsBuild rule-based workflows with an easy drag-and-drop tool
Trigger actions based on multiple criteria
Change over time to match process
Automate Follow-Ups and NotificationsSchedule emails, meetings, calls after form submissions
Notify assigned reps when deal stage changes
Reduce manual outreach workload
Guide Contacts Through Sales FunnelSend targeted content to contacts based on lifecycle stage
Provide queue of timely, relevant follow-ups
Progress contacts down funnel automatically

Workflows boost productivity and ensure consistent, systematized follow-up so no leads slip through the cracks.

Deals Pipeline

The deals pipeline tool provides end-to-end visibility into sales as opportunities move from lead to close. Key features include:

Track Deals by StageMap custom pipeline stages to sales process
Progress deals using drag-and-drop interface
See current pipeline snapshot at a glance
Forecast Expected RevenueAttach value to each deal
Calculate total pipeline revenue
Adjust model by win probability as needed
Identify Stuck DealsSurface deals lingering too long in any stage
Realign resources to resolve bottlenecks
Improve velocity through pipeline

With pipeline tracking and forecasting, teams can pursue the right deals and exceed revenue targets.

Email Integration

HubSpot CRM’s native email integration provides a 360-degree view of email activity with contacts and prospects. You can:

Sync Gmail ContactsConnect Gmail account directly in HubSpot
Automatically sync existing contacts
Avoid manual data entry
Track Email EngagementCheck when emails were opened, clicked
See full history of email exchanges
Prioritize outreach based on activity
Personalize OutreachCreate email templates with merge fields
Craft targeted emails at scale
Maintain consistent branding

By centralizing email messaging within CRM, teams can better track engagement and nurture sales prospects.

Meeting Scheduling

HubSpot’s meetings tool eliminates the back-and-forth of coordinating calendars. Features include:

Integrated CalendarConnect Google, Office365, or iCloud calendar
Check availability in real-time
Schedule meetings without leaving HubSpot
Meeting Links and ConfirmationsInstantly generate meeting details to share
Send calendar invites that update automatically
Reduce double-booking errors
Recurring Meeting SupportSchedule regular meetings, trainings, demos
Automate ongoing engagements
Avoid redundant scheduling work

Smooth meeting scheduling leaves more time for customer-facing interactions.

Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting capabilities provide data-driven insights to inform sales strategy. HubSpot includes:

Pre-Built Sales ReportsKey metric reports out-of-the-box
Charts for pipeline trends, conversions, more
Filter by timeframe, users, other attributes
Customizable DashboardsArrange reports into one unified view
Add widgets for desired KPIs
Adjust layout and content
Activity and Pipeline TrendsIdentify changes week-over-week
Spot bottlenecks slowing deals
Inform resourcing, coaching, adjustments

With comprehensive reporting and analytics, teams can optimize processes to accelerate pipeline velocity.

Custom Objects

While HubSpot CRM comes pre-loaded with robust core features, businesses can also:

Extend System FunctionalityBuild custom entities beyond contacts, companies
Model business’ unique processes, tools
Eliminate need for separate apps
Tailor System to Business NeedsAdd properties, workflows, reporting for custom entities
Get 360-degree view of department data
Support use case evolutions
Integrate Other Data SourcesImport data from other systems
Consolidate in HubSpot for unified access
Break down silos across tech stack

With custom objects, teams can bend HubSpot CRM to ever-changing realities of growing business.

Third-Party Integrations

In addition to its native features, HubSpot CRM integrates with popular productivity, analytics, and other sales and marketing apps via:

Connect Popular AppsFind desired integrations in App Marketplace
Connect with just a few clicks
Expand functionality on flexible platform
Expand Features As NeededBring in apps for proposal building, event management etc.
Add capabilities to match changing needs
Control costs with just key integrations
Unified ExperienceManage connected apps directly within HubSpot
Avoid constant switching between platforms
Streamline workflows across tools

Robust integration marketplace prevents teams from outgrowing the platform.

Mobile Optimization

HubSpot CRM features native mobile apps so teams stay connected and productive on the go:

Native iOS and Android AppsDownload free mobile apps
Access contacts, meetings, pipeline
Make updates from anywhere
Access Data From AnywhereCheck reports during client meetings
Reference contact history in the field
Enable rapid in-moment decision making
Log Calls, Meetings, NotesTimestamp interactions on mobile
Later syncs to unified desktop profile
Ensure data is centralized

With real-time mobile access and capabilities, reps capitalize on every sales interaction.


As an enterprise-ready SaaS platform, HubSpot CRM provides rock-solid security:

Role-Based Access ControlsGive customized system permissions
Limit access to confidential data
Prevent oversharing sensitive info
Data EncryptionSecure data infrastructure
Encrypt fields, reports, other data
Add extra protection for customers
Regular Audits and BackupsValidate security protocols internally
Layered backup infrastructure
Minimize risk disruptions

Businesses can rest easy knowing customer data is tightly protected.

Onboarding and Support

HubSpot provides stellar onboarding assistance and ongoing support:

Onboarding and Support

Implementation SpecialistsDedicated coaches set up account
Provide personalized onboarding
Ensure seamless transition
24/7 Chat and EmailGet answers to platform questions
Troubleshoot issues around the clock
Quickly resolve blockers
Ongoing Training ResourcesAccess support site’s robust knowledge base
View product demos, tutorials
Ramp up new hires easily

With dedicated onboarding guidance and reliable ongoing assistance, teams are positioned for customer management success.

Grow Your Business with HubSpot

By centralizing contact information, aggregating interactions, automating workflows, and providing data-driven visibility, HubSpot CRM is an invaluable tool for systematic business growth. You can:

Attract More LeadsGenerate more traffic with free tools
Build professional landing pages
Nurture contacts with automated campaigns
Convert Leads to CustomersIdentify warmest prospects with analytics
Accelerate deals through sales funnel
Deliver consistent follow-through
Delight Customers and ExpandProvide stellar post-sales experience
Strengthen relationships over time
Earn referrals and repeat business

HubSpot CRM ties together sales and marketing processes end-to-end to help businesses scale revenue.


Why Choose HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is an intuitive, flexible, integrated platform empowering businesses to organize contacts, standardize workflows, gain data visibility, and expand revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Centralized database to manage all contacts and companies
  • Built-in workflows to automate lead follow-up
  • Robust analytics and reporting to optimize pipeline
  • Integrations with other business apps as needed
  • Security protections like role-based access and encryption

Start Growing Your Business Today

With streamlined tools to attract, convert, and delight customers, HubSpot CRM gives businesses an engine for systematic growth. Sign up online for free tailored onboarding from HubSpot’s stellar customer support team.

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